Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turning 17!!

Yes I figured out how to put pictures up again! Well Sunday was my birthday and I urned 17! as many of you know. And it was a nice festive day with lunch out at a restraunt and then cake and desserts with friends and family in the evening. All in the the feste were very nicely put together by my host mom!! And my cake was amazing!!!
But I have to admit the day was accompanied by some pretty harsh home-sickness that dampered that day a bit. Which has continued a bit into yesterday and today, but im starting to feel swell again because everything really is perfect!

The language is coming along really well, people keep complimenting me on it which makes me feel good. I am pretty confident, able to speak correctly most of the time grammaticly, but i still need to work on vocab because if i get stuck ever its when i dont know a word or verb. And im trying to work on more difficult tenses now that im getting the hang of present simple, passato prossimo, futuro, imperfetto, condizionale and passato remoto (still working on that one tho). And I swear Im learning way more about English grammer and sentense structure here then i ever learned in school in seattle haha.

Im exciting to be getting around Italy this year. Already Ive been to Rome, Florence, and Perugia and then smaller cities down south. Then at the beginning of March Ill be going to Belluno which is close to Venice, where Ill take a day trip to (during the time of Carnevale!!!) with AFS. Then in the middle of May Im going on a school trip to Sicily to see a play which Im really excited for! Ive also had the chance to go to Vienna, Florence or Rome again, Auschwitz and other smaller trips with the school but ive decided not to go for different reason.

This experience is amazing and Im learning so much about myself and my beliefs, obviously along with the culture and people of Italy:) Thanks again to all the people who helped get me here! Love you all!!!!

Love, Kali

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  1. Nice post sweet girl. Your cake is CRAZY cool! I'm glad it was a nice day and sorry for the homesickness. I remember feeling that way on holiday's when I was in Peru, it was tough! Chin up and continue doing the great work that you are doing. Enjoy it!

    I love you mucho!
    Auntie Nina