Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Ending of School and the Beginning of Fun!

This is gonna be a short post but I just would like to say that my last day of school will be this Wednesday the 1st, and then I'll go back for an assembly we have where students do funny dance numbers. =) My friends and I are all making plans to go to the ocean, and I can't wait because its been super hot lately!

I'd like to update you all on my Italian skills..well I have to admit that I'm not quite satisfied that I havn't learned Italian perfectly and that I see where I can still improve greatly and know I would if I were to stay here for a few more months. The vocabulary I've never really worried about because it's impossible to learn all the words of a language in 10 months, especially cus I dont even know all of them in Enlgish after 17 years. But I still have some troubles with the grammar occazioanlly and the confidence to speak infront of a large audiance. After speaking with my cousin Noah who is also learning Norwegian this year, we agreed that it's impossible to learn a language perfectly in 10 months, even though it seems very possible before hand.
But then I think of where I was in my first months, compunicating with google translator with my host family and I feel really proud of myself and how far I've come along. The fact that I understand everything is really great and it makes me feel great! And also that I have the confidence to talk to everyone, and that I get compliments on how much I've learned.

Ok well today is my father's 43rd birthday and I'd like to send him all the love and light there is in the world to make up for me not being there! I promiss it will be the only year I'm not present because I feel that birthday's are incredible important to celebrate for your loved ones.

I Love you so much dad! Happy happy birthday!!

Ok said it'd be short!

Love and peace to all!
Thank you all so much!