Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Almost 3 Months!
Sto diventando Italiana! I am becoming Italian, and I love it! I do things the Italian way without even thinking. It's hard when I think of something that we do in Seattle and continue to think of it as normal reunite, or my culture, because it isn't anymore! I eat like an Italian, I clean constantly like an Italian, I blow dry my hair right after I get out of the shower like an Italian, I don't go barefoot in the house like an Italian, I talk with my hands like an Italian, I never use my seatbelt like an Italian, I don't recycle or compost like an Italian (a habit I will break as soon as possible), I go to the villa every Saturday night like an Italian, I eat pasta for lunch everyday of the week like an Italian..and the list continues. But these little habits aren't what make a home for a foreigner, its the fact that I am THINKING like an Italian. I hardly ever compare my two cultures now, for the most part I take the norms of Mesagne as the norms of the world. Its hard now to think of things any other way. I miss certain things about the Seattle culture, but nothing too much that I won't get back next year.
I've realized something wonderful, that most aspects of culture that you want, whether it comes from India, Italy, or Issaquah, you can bring it into the home and family you make for yourself. I can't wait to make myself a home somewhere in this big diverse world!
Ok I'm getting off topic. How about I tell you what I've been doing lately. School has been really regular, without any strikes (lame), but today I didn't have school cause its a holiday, and today most all families here decorate their houses for the holidays. So I've been calling it the "Decorate Your House Christmasy Holiday".
I've been really busy the last two or three weeks with school and friends and I love always having something to do, whether it's studying, hanging out with friends, or studying with friends, its all good for me!
Sunday I went to Lecce, my favorite city so far, with one of my best friends here Bice and her family, including their adorable little dog Margo:) It was decorated festively and was beautiful! But I realize I really need to do some Xmas shopping, which I will so this Saturday with my friend Nora from Norway.
Im going to have my first sleep over in three months on Saturday with Nora, so I'm super excited!

People (my mom) keeps commenting on how bad my grammar is getting, which I did not realize, but I'm sorry if it really is that bad.

Ok I said I would write something in Italian.. Here we go!
Ho stanca e voglio dormire perche' ho mangiata troppo sta sera al baptesimo.
The first part is more just playing off a joke my friend and I have that the only thing I know how to say is "Im hungry" and "Im tired" because Im always one of those, either hungry or tired haha.
Okay I must go now, and I leave you with gratitude for your support and many baci!