Sunday, May 16, 2010

My New Language!

Hey everyone! There is approximately 16 weeks until I leave and wow, that is really soon.
I've been learning Italian from Rosetta Stone, which is working really well! I recommend it! I've been doing it for about three weeks and have already learned so much. Some basic vocabulary, such as gatto (cat), cappotto (hat), figlia (daughter), and un maglietta (t-shirt). Some verbs, corre (to run), porto (to wear), and nuato (to swim). The un/una's, dei's, la's, e's, il's, and gli's are what are getting to me. They're just so confusing.
Overall I am satisfied with this expensive language program and am always excited to learn more! I love learning languages, it just makes me feel so good!

I don't yet know my host family and city. But I want to know SOOOO bad!!! I want to learn about the city, talk to my new family, know if I'll have any siblings, know my school, and just have an official home! I am just so ridiculously anxious and think about getting the call every day!
Well arrivederci for now!