Monday, January 10, 2011

The Holidays
Ok, devo scrivere della vacanze, pero' non so come posso spiegare tutto perché tante cose hanno passato.. proverò comunque! Natale era più meno come facciamo a Seattle, con i parenti e gli amici, tanti cibi italiani, giochi, e cosi. Mi piaciuta molto! Era un bella esperienza!
Poi per Capo D'anno andavo alla casa della famiglia di Gianluca, vicino Perugia, e vedevo mia cugina Ilaria per 6 giorno! Il migliori regalo del mondo!! Per il 31 siamo andate con Chiara a una festa nelle montagne per tutto la notte, era freddissima! Poi siamo andate a Firenze! Oddio! Firenze e' sicuramente mia città preferita!!
Quando sono andata per prendere il mio volo comunque.. ho perso lo! Mia prima volta! Ma poi Roberta e Mauro mi guidavano da Roma a Mesagne, loro sono simpaticissimi!! Ok, adesso Inglese!
I should write about my holiday, but i don't know how I can explain everything because so much has happened! But I will try! Christmas was pretty much like how we do it in Seattle, with family and friends, lots of food, games and so on. I enjoyed iit so so much! It was a great experience, seeing this important holiday from different point of view.
Then for New years I went to the family of Gianluca, nearby Perugia, and saw my cousin Ilaria for 6 whole entire days!! The best gift in the world! For the 31 we went to a party in the mountains for the night that was super fun and it was so funny counting down to midnight in another language, with all these people, in a big old house, with Ilaria. I loved it! But it was freezing haha. We also went to Florenc, which is definitely my favorite city so far in Italy, maybe that I've ever visited.
When I went to catch my plane I ended up missing it, due to many things (too long of a goodbye with Ilaria, thinking my plane was at a different time then it was, and a wrong estimate of how much time I needed before my flight, for baggage and visa check). It was my first time missing a flight! And it sucked! But luckily Roberta and Mauro were waiting for me to get through, just in case I didn't make it, so I rushed out and caught them and they drove me all the way home! They are such wonderful people!

Thank you all for your love and support, I appreciate you so much!

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  1. Hi Kali, not having you in Seattle for the holidays was tough, but when I hear about your holidays there, I am thrilled. I am so happy that you are enjoying your time and your Italian is awesome! Is Firenze, Florence? I will have to find out how to pronounce that from you. Roberta and Mauro are good people. Thanks for the post and soon you will be 17!! Love!!