Saturday, March 26, 2011


The beautiful Italian spring has arrived with the summer close behind:D When I leave to walk to school in the morning the sun is shinny (not that its ever not shinning here) and a warm breeze blows behind me on my way to school. And then when we get out of school around 12, Im sweating after my short walk home:) Che bellooo:):) haha. Im surpressing my urge to run outside in my shorts and tank top in my very seattlish-girl way at the first trace of sun. Im already the strange girl who sits on the ground, wears t shirt when its not sunny and who dances in the street, ill stick with those and just wait till everyone else puts on their shorts and we go to the ocean, which is BEAUTIFUL here! The water is clear and smooth, the sand pale, and once they clean up after the high waters of the winter and set up all the bars along the beach it will be amazing! Ive been told that during the winter the beaches are deserted, including the bars, completely empty, and then in may when it starts getting really warm they make everything like new; they bring in new sand for the beaches, paint the bars, plant new grass, set up the sitting areas, and clean up all the garbage, stones, and shells from the beaches. Can't wait for the summer! Which pretty much starts in the middle of may here, when well go to the beach with our train of mopeds all day everyday, 90 or 95 degrees.

I look out my window now at the blue, sunny and warm sky and I'm just so blissfully happy as I listen to Brett Dennan, theres no better feeling then this. I want to be in the sun shine every moment that is possible! THIS is why I wanted to come to Italy, I wanted to have this feeling in me that I get with this sunshine :D

Last week we celebrated 150 years of the union of Italy, who knew "Italy" was so young! It was very exciting and chilly though, my host brother and a friend of the family participated in the middle school parade through Mesagne and we went to watch them and then during the day we had a big 4 hour lunch with some cousins, aunts and the grandpanrents.

We also discussed the new war in Libia and all the possibilities and fears we had of how big the war would become. Ive thought about my safetly of course, being so close and all, but Ive talked to my AFS adviser and we both agreed that their really is nothing to worry about! If theres any sign that something is threatening us, ill being immidiately ivacuated with the other AFS students.

My good friend Claire is about to leave Paris after 7 months there on exchange to work in a Waldorf preschool in Egypt! Im so excited for her, and it makes me think about how also I am ready to do something a little more..out of the lines..(can I say that?)..a little more..risky,exciting, grown up. I know Im already doing something that most people my age wont be doing for several more years, but it really seems like Ive gotten as much out of this experience as I can. Of course I would continue to learn things if I stayed here forever, but of course I would continue learning! Because thats how life is! We learn! We learn from everything of our surroundings, thats what it means to be alive and healthy and happy! :) But im ready for a new environment! Something more exciting! stressful, and im not even in it yet! but im in the process of looking for one, but there are just so many! Im interesting in teaching english and global studies. If anyone has any ideas please contact me! I also am really interested in going to California because i live it so much! I want to keep that blissful feeling that i get from the sun as much as possible!

Thank you for all of your support!


  1. Nice post sweet girl. I'm looking forward to having you come home and the process that you and Noah go through to find colleges. It should be a lot of fun and with your grades you will have so many opportunities presented to you.

    The weather here is slowly improving and there are days of warmth and beauty. When you return to Seattle it will be blissfully sunny here as well and hopefully our summer will be a joyous one.

    Enjoy your last few months there. The beaches there really do sound wonderful. Hopefully one day we will see them ourselves!

    I love you,
    Auntie Nina

  2. Hi honey. Nice post. Imagining the sun there sounds wonderful. You talk of moving on to other adventures and I know you will. You have so many options available to you and you have acquired more just by being in Italy. I love you mucho.